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Software and Solutions

Looking for a technical call to understand a product more? Need implementation and employee training assistance? Our Pharmers will be there every step of the journey. By partnering with industry-leading software and service providers, we've developed a robust portfolio of Informed Technology.


The ability to stay digitally connected is critical to all business operations. Whether you're looking for a virtual whiteboard or to teleconference with teams around the world, our Pharmers are ready to pair you with purpose-built technology.



From 21 CFR.11 compliant contract management, business intelligence, or employee feedback programs, we have a catalog of engagement solutions we support.



We understand the rigors of computer system validation and maintaining such in a cloud-first digital world. Our Pharmers are armed with the infrastructure solutions to meet future CSA demands and data elasticity needs of laboratory or bio-informatics teams. 


Cyber Security

Our Pharmers will aid you through your Cyber Security needs with industry leading platforms and providers. We'll help you take an endpoint and identity focused approach to Cyber Security, leverage security tools to enable productivity, and navigate the modern threat landscape.


Looking for unlimited email support, managed services or setup and

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